What is value-based selling ?

There's a major shift taking place in the world of Print, as many small print shops expand out their business into value-based selling, and evolving into marketing specialists.

This is a good thing, short run print jobs are in fact a speciality custom manufactured good. Selling on price, and constant undercutting  has led to many printers either going under, or even worse , staying afloat long enough to seriously hamper the market for those who would do well otherwise.

It takes a massive mind shift to move away from a "Cost plus Markup" mentality. If you're the kind of person ( like me) where 1+1 =2 , it's hard wrap your brain around the concept that when selling on value 1+1 =3, or even 4 or 5 if you're in the right part of town.

The truth is, it's not hoodoo vooodo, or thumb sucking. The pricing is based on factors that multiply, rather than add to the price.

Here are the broad strokes, and we'll dig down into them in future posts.

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